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August 3, 2016


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    Build 271 for Portable at 11/02/2011 with binary file

    Portable LibreCAD – Flat Mode

    New features in this release:

    – LoCAD: it is an extension to the LibreCAD program that allows FreeCAD users to create and work with LibreCAD drawings in a typical WYSIWYG mode.
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    As for being light-weight, it takes only about a minute or so to load and save one list.

    Custom filtering – Enable to disable the filter option on both the client and server window. By default, the filter is enabled.
    Support for zooming and offsetting the direction mask
    Smarter drop down list: You can choose X,Y or XY coordinates in the client window; and the coordinates can be saved as a dictionary in all the other Windows. In the server window
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    This article talks about the steps you need to take when setting up a Git repository for TFS and also about Git repository exchange operations.

    Creating a Git repository

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    You can create a local Git repository in Visual Studio 2013, Visual
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